Basic Veterinary Services
Because having your pet examined once a
year is the equivalent to once every seven
years in a human, the AVMA recommends a
check-up twice a year.  This is especially
important in pets seven (7) years and older.
Our hospital is a full service facility at
reasonable prices.  The following is a partial
listing of services we provide that many
clinics are unable to.
Orthopedic, Soft Tissue, Eye and Ear
Heartworm Treatment
In House Laboratory
X Ray
(film), Ultrasound
Feline De-Claw, K9 Ear Trims
Boarding and Grooming Services
Additional Services
Idexx Vetlab with
The Pet Hospital has recently added the
Procyte Hematology and Catalyst Chemistry
Analyzer.  We are now able to perform many
blood tests in house instead of sending to
an out side laboratory.  This enables us to
have answers to your pet's health related
issues in minutes, not days.
Pet Transport Service
  • $10.00 per trip up to 5 miles.  $2.00 a mile
    after.  Maximum 8 miles
The Pet Hospital is proud to provide
transport of client pet(s) to and from our
hospital.  Whether boarding for a few days,
grooming or any hospital service we provide,
our clients can now order convenient
delivery service at a nominal price.  
Transports must be scheduled in advance
and are available on a first come, first serve
basis.  Please call the clinic at 704 629-5390
to schedule a transport.
  • Price includes up to 3 pets per trip
    $5.00 for each additional pet
  • Transport times are 8-9AM and 2-3PM